Saturday, August 29, 2009

Axigen Mail on OpenSolaris

In order to receive alerts from my NAS I decided to use Free Axigen Office Edition (Standard)
By setting up email on my NAS I only need a pop-email notifier on my DAW to see if there are alerts. I use poppeeper for this

Axigen provides the whole package including POP3 in a modern interface and easy installation. Officially Axigen is not supported on OpenSolaris but it turned out fine.

Downloaded latest version for Solaris

First removed sendmail because I will use the sendmail functionality from Axigen:
OpenSolaris: pkg uninstall SUNWsndm

Execute as root ./

Then the wizard needs to be launched by issuing one of the following commands, on Solaris and all Linux platforms:


This Wizard is using xterm and that was causing some problems:

I tried with VNC;
started vncserver as root and used vncviewer on windows
although xclock was working as root i could not start axigen-cfg-wizard.

In google I found: install the following package: ncurses
After that was done I could start the wizard.


If you don't want to use VNC; Axigen provides the following solution for this problem:
Error opening terminal when running axigen-cfg-wizard on Solaris
Quick Link:
Article updated on 26 January, 2007

Running axigen-cfg-wizard on Solaris returns "Error opening terminal"

Because of the non-default path of the terminfo terminal definitions in Solaris, the axigen-cfg-wizard application returns:

Error opening terminal. This can easily be solved by setting the TERMINFO environment variable to the correct terminfo



Logon to your Solaris box
Open a terminal window as admin (standard user created during install of openSolaris) and open xterm session as root with:
pfexec xterm

In this window at the prompt type:

now you can start the wizard

I configured everything according standard.
(you can easily change it later using the GUI)