Tuesday, March 1, 2011

upgrade to OpenIndiana

Reading the requirements to upgrade from opensolaris to OpenIndiana was done following suggestions at http://wiki.openindiana.org:8080/display/oi/Installing+or+Upgrading

With one difference; It won't let me update even though no obsolete or failed packages were found.
The solution was to start from the commandline using the -f option: 
pfexec pkg image-update -fv
DOWNLOAD                    PKGS       FILES    XFER (MB)
Completed                  846/846 39788/39788  583.4/583.4
Removal Phase                            17782/17782
Install Phase                            26718/26718
Update Phase                             46466/46466
PHASE                                          ITEMS
Reading Existing Index                           8/8
Indexing Packages                            846/846
Indexing Packages                            846/846
Optimizing Index...
PHASE                                          ITEMS
Indexing Packages                            837/837
A clone of opensolaris-6 exists and has been updated and activated.
On the next boot the Boot Environment opensolaris-7 will be mounted on '/'.
Reboot when ready to switch to this updated BE.