Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Created an array
bash 3.2# zpool create daw c1t1d0

root@dawbkup:~# zfs set shareiscsi=on daw
root@dawbkup:~# zfs get shareiscsi daw

daw shareiscsi on local

zfs create -V 120G daw/backup
[any zvols (not filesystems, I checked) created under daw will automatically become LUNs]

Ignore the following eror Probably caused by the fact I forgot to import from categorie Storage the "storage-san" package
root@dawbkup:~# zfs set shareiscsi=on daw/backup
cannot share 'daw/backup': iscsitgtd failed request to share

zfs set shareiscsi=on daw/backup

root@dawbkup:~# iscsitadm list target -v

Target: daw/backup
iSCSI Name: iqn.1986-03.com.sun:02:aa46a269-bef7-4432-9ed2-9890738fc784
Alias: daw/backup

After this I downloaded the Iscsi Initiator for windows XP and used the instructions from Microsoft. At the end the volume is shown when you go to My computer -> Manage -> Disk management. You now can create partitions add drive letters and format just like a regular disk within Windows.