Wednesday, May 20, 2009

update to the latest OpenSolaris (save Boot Environment)

Before you update make a backup of your BE:
#save BOOT Environment
beadm create (type the name for this backup here)

Add dev to the package manager environment to get the latest updates:
run package manager from the menu and choose update all (555 packages in my case)
If you get an error that it cannot install them, you probably forgot to check the radiobutton to set dev as Preferred Repository

Update to specific build:
So, can anybody advise how the system can be upgraded to chosen dev version?

Ok, here is the procedure:

Starting from OpenSolaris 2009.06 (snv_111b) active BE.

1) beadm create snv_111b-dev
2) beadm activate snv_111b-dev
3) reboot
4) pkg set-authority -O
5) pkg install SUNWipkg
6) pkg list 'entire*'
7) beadm create snv_118
8) beadm mount snv_118 /mnt
9) pkg -R /mnt refresh
10) pkg -R /mnt install entire@0.5.11-0.118
11) bootadm update-archive -R /mnt
12) beadm umount snv_118
13) beadm activate snv_118
14) reboot

Now you have a snv_118 development environment.

You need a jump-off BE that has a lower build then the one you want to install.