Monday, September 28, 2009

Wireless using WUSB54GC (usb13b1,20)

At first I had a WUSB54GC based on Ralink RT3070 chipset recognized as usb1737,77 but so far no driver exists so I swapped it for the well-known older version being usb13b1,20 which uses the rum driver

It was now quite easy to get it up and running

If no wired link is available, a scan for wireless LANs is done, and the resulting list offered via a GUI popup window prompts the console user to select a preference. If a successful connection is made, the WLAN in question is stored in the plain text file /etc/nwam/known_wifi_nets and the daemon may connect to any WLAN in that list without prompting the user again. If a user wishes to add other preferences or revoke existing ones, he can do so by bringing up the NWAM Manager menu with right-click on the icon, and then selecting "Manage Favorite Wireless Networks...". A user can also edit the known_wifi_nets file directly. This interface is volatile and might change in a future release

admin@opensolaris:/etc/nwam# more known_wifi_nets
denver 0:18:39:ad:ce:36

Note: My network was recognized after I enabled broadcast again on the wireless modem and choosing the option within the Gui of NWAM to put wireless as preferred connection.

/etc/nwam/llp contains:
admin@opensolaris:/etc/nwam# more llp
bge0 static
rum0 static

In order to have wireless standard as preferred put rum0 first in llp after bge0

Helpful commands:
ifconfig -a
dladm show-wifi
dladm scan-wifi
dladm show-secobj
(Note: I removed all the profiles with dladm delete-secobj)
svcadm restart nwam